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William Mark Butler  Contributor -- China

William Mark Butler is a sometimes poet who is originally form Calgary, Canada but who now lives and runs his own business in Shanghai, China. Some of his previous work has been published in The Filling Station and In Grave Ink. He has also self-published two short collections of poetry. Recently Mr. Butler has completed his first poetry manuscript entitled, bruised: love poems and is now spending all of his money on self addressed stamped envelopes.





we slept

we slept though our vacation
let the virgin white curtains tattle on the wind
let the sand crawl in slowly to cover our bodies
let it inside
of us                                                                               

laying there as the ceiling fan

struggled with the pungent heat

the tides came in again
countless heaving tremors beating and rasping
grinding cold stone into
hot black sand
our toes took root
already ancient and gnarled
they dug far and deep underground
past the molten arteries of the earth
searching for the torrid vacuum
that used to be our lungs   

we slept though eternity like silkworms
thawing on the branches of mulberry trees
shaking off clouds
like blinking
trembling under the weight of gravity

we slept through our awakening
threading our slumber through key holes
and mornings at the breakfast table
we memorized the motions of the sun
through our tiny window
we kept track of the seconds with
whittling them down with kitchen knives
and the severity of our intent  

we let the ticking of the clock
fall and scatter across the floor
in cast off sunlight and marbles  

we slept through our sleeping
and it was dark.

all copyrights belong to William Mark Butler

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