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William Crawford   Contributor -- Pennsylvania

William Crawford is the author of Fire in the Marrow (NeoPoiesis Press). He has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize in poetry. His work has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies, most recently including, Counterexample Poetics, The Criterion, Danse Macabre, Differentia Press: Corporeal Manifestations, Leaf Garden, Triggerfish Critical Review, Unlikely Stories of the Third Kind, and Up the Staircase Quarterly. William lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and is an animal rights activist.

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As Soft as the Water
(about an otter)
I see you Mij,
a bright coin
wished into a fountain
shimmering in
love’s armour
forming a golden ripple
in the burn
a circle
spreading itself
into song
choreographing the waves
surrounding you
as the sun breaks
its yolk
and assuages
the tense surface
and you are a son
that shatters himself there
ringed by the sun’s warmth
you are dark now,
yet so pure,
so graceful
your rising eyes
tell the sky
all it needs to know
as it falls
before them
tell me,
did her smile
distract you
from that spade’s
hideous shimmer?
as you dreamt of summer
racing naked through that
turbid trench
with grace
and danger
the raised sword
and paradise found
in its shadow
was it a bright corona
soft as water
on your head?
motionless now
her tears
raw jewels
polished only
by the newness
of this spring
returning your eyes
multiplied by three
swimming in her pools
becoming the dream
she often forgets.

all copyrights belong to William Crawford
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