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Stacey Mangiaracina   Contributor -- Louisiana


Stacey Mangiaracina was born with red hair and southern sass in the always laid back city of New Orleans . She discovered her love for poetry in high school when she was assigned to do a poetry reading in class, and has been thankful to her teacher since then. Stacey attended the University of New Orleans and found her strength was in descriptive writing.  Her professor was thrilled with her essays, and kept several on file at the university.  Tragically, her father died unexpectedly at the early age of 40, and she left college and her dreams of writing to work full-time to help her mother. 

Today, she is the mother of a wonderful 10-year-old boy whom she refers to as her sunshine and her daily inspiration to smile.  Although she is a technical writer, she finds herself wanting to do more.  In her spare time Stacey is the co-founder and CEO of the World Wide Word Radio Network.  Rafael F. J. Alvarado and S.A. Griffin are not only the other two co-founders, they are also her heroes in a way, for bringing her back to her love for poetry.  Since meeting them, she has had her first poetry reading with the Carma Bums in Los Angeles , CA; her poem “Eat At Hooter’s” was published in the Fall issue of Falling Star Literary Magazine; recently her editorial was published in the March issue of; and she is currently working on her first chap book to be released by Noble Swine Press some time this year. 

You can hear her co-host with S.A., Rafael, or Roy K. Johnston on as she interviews so many incredibly talented poets and writers.  (Check the website for schedules.)  Stacey has finally found her joy in being able to bring poetry to the world.

Quickie for My Ex

                                                     You were
Time well spent
That you only wasted
In the end

Needing More


I wish I could say this man
Laying beside me
Inspired me to do more
Than have sex with him 

I look over to watch him sleep
And realize I have no clue
What he does for a living
Yet we’ve been friends for years 

Quietly I climb out of bed
And pick up my clothes
Along the path from bedroom
To kitchen
To living room
Putting them back on
As I go 

I tiptoe back to the bedroom
ean over and kiss him good-bye
He gives me a kiss on my forehead
His lips are soft and warm
ut for the first time
The sentiment feels so cold 

I grab my shoes
As I turn away
And walk out the door
Into the chill 

I feel safe as I climb into my car
And start the engine
It’s almost 4am
My eyes are tired
So I close them for a moment before I go
Breathe out slowly
And say good-bye
To benefits


all copyrights belong to Stacey Mangiaracina

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