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Scott Wannberg    Contributor -- Oregon

Scott Wannberg, Kid Mingo, is the real deal. He is the headwater from which
everything spectacular flows. The grandest poet you could ever hope to know.  

His books includes Mr. Mumps; The Electric Yes Indeed; Juice, the Musical;

and in collaboration with a few other knuckleheads; Harvey Keitel, Harvey

Keitel, Harvey Keitel; and Rockets Redglare.  He has a new book out from Perceval Press called strange movie full of death.


Wannberg used to be an excellent dancer, and is still a terrific swimmer.

Check out more of his work at Luciole HERE and HERE

Don't Go Home Alone Tonight

Vulnerable's having a birthday.
Hip hip hooray. Vulnerable looks younger every day.
Take out the hard living, stack it against the alley
and the folks who have bright eyes will come and
take it to the dump.
The veterans of alone
unto themselves they say
collect in a huddle on the corner.
They might be getting ready to sing.
They might be getting ready to kill one another.
I got time.
I plugged my life into the circuit that reveals nothing
much but sounds real nice going down.
Don't Go Home Alone Tonight
the chorus argues,
pass the large bowl around
it might be summer any minute in my head.
The veterans of lonely
are just inverted new soldiers
watch them walk backward
into the next human moment.
Sit this one out for a second,
the weight of the world needs to get aired out.
I got time.
Time done got me.
We swing from the trees in tandem.
Pass the large sought after soul around.
Temperature's rising.
I didn't ever say from what degree.
I'm going to sit this one out for a few minutes.
They got a new place around the corner.
Built to withstand the elements.
They got a new place where you can go and be who you are.
Who are you?
Do I know you?
Don't Go Home Alone Tonight
they tell you when you first go in.
They got tables and chairs and things to eat with.
Who am I?
Do I know myself?
Built to withstand those unpredictable renegade elements.
Let's go inside. Get out of this angry weather.
Stand with me.
Withstand it all or some.
Hello hello hello hello hello.
My name is alone.
Sing with me.




all copyrights belong to Scott Wannberg
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