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Roxanne Hoffman   Contributor -- New York


A former Wall Street banker, ROXANNE HOFFMAN works nights answering a patient hotline for a major home health care provider based in New York City. She has a chapbook/CD, STOLEN MOMENTS (Poetry Thin Air, 2006) and is working on her second, FLORA SELVA.  Her poetry is anthologized in THE BANDANA REPUBLIC: A LITERARY ANTHOLOGY BY GANG MEMBERS AND THEIR AFFILIATES (Soft Skull Press, June 2008) and can be heard during the 50-minute independent film, “Love And The Vampire,” directed and produced by David Gold and Rick Poli.  Still trying to reconcile writing poetry and making money, she owns
, a small press specializing in poetry chapbooks.

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How a pumpkin picked
for its clarity of color,
absence of blemish or bruise,
the grandeur of its girth,
the brightest of oranges,
like the  afternoon sun
hung low against the gray fall sky,
a color turned by the leaves of the sour gum tree in late autumn 

its rotund firm form
eagerly embraced
by two small groping hands
anticipating a certain heftiness of weight when lifted
measuring rib by rib
its potential for fierceness
when carved skillfully 

its still green stem,
when encircled by a sharp stiff blade,
becomes a handle for a trap door
gently lifted to reveal
a cavern of flesh and seeds
and once
scooped out by spoons and ladles,
and lit from within
by one white tea candle,
a grimacing grin, devilishly twinkling eyes
framing a stern stout nose
to sniff out those
that dare to cross its path and not
fork up a treat! 

How the flesh of such a monster
can taste so sweet, so succulent
when baked into a pie
encrusted with cinnamon
and oozing with caramelized brown sugar. 

How its seeds once roast and salted
can be marveled upon the tongue.


Roxanne Hoffman, Hoboken NJ, October 24, 2007 (Revised July 14, 2008)


fall folio

twinkling star bright,
harkens end of summer
in the early evening twilight’s
chill air.

leaves are falling
like a slow tease strip dance,
tree by tree, each more enthralling,
when bare.

leaves raked,
heaped for hauling,
e set huge piles on fire,
smoke and crackling embers calling
our dare.

prime for picking,
carved for treats or tricking,
teeny-weeny  witches crossing,

hands joined in prayer,
celebrate late harvest—
turkey, cornbread, berries, they’re blessed
to share. 

snow geese,
white cloud rising,
calls thunder like lightning,
their quicksilver arrow cleaving
through air.


- Roxanne Hoffman  Hoboken, NJ August 2007

Note: The second cinquain in Fall Folio was previously published by Amaze: The Cinquain Journal last fall.


all copyrights belong to Roxanne Hoffman

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