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 Luciole on Radio Shows

                  LUCIOLE ON THE RADIO!

Come listen to Luciole Press on the Radio. Check out two shows we have been on; the first is The Jane Crown Show on September 7th, 2008 (info listed at the bottom). The second was OnWord with S.A. Griffin on October 7th (2008)! (info listed just below)...

And then read all about a few other interesting shows with a lot to offer!

Luciole Schedule   OnWord Hosted by S.A. Griffin!

October 7th ~ (Our Anniversary/Birthday Show)
                     Scott Wannberg, Ellyn Maybe, Stacey Mangiaracina, Stacy from
                     Campaign for Care, Diana Bonebrake and Karen Bowles 

Listen to it here:


United States




The Jane Crown Show

We were on Jane Crown's show September 7th: Ladies of Luciole

Click here:

Show Description
Karen Bowles is the Editor and Publisher of Luciole Press - she hosts Dena Rash Guzman, Diana Bonebrake, Scott Wannberg, Ellyn Maybe and Lo Galluccio to read!

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Alison Mackie

Alison Mackie

Friday, September 19, 2008 5:03:46 AM

I AM listening...and loving. Karen your voice is wonderful, as always, and I have a little audio problem here...but I can hear most and you sound clear the most. You are brilliant hen you should have a show of your own. I tell you.Your voice is clear and warm and entirely listenable..Also you stay on subject. You are great! I am massively impressed...Oh awesome.



Sunday, September 07, 2008 2:59:24 PM

you all are so great!








  • The Jane Crown Show M I N D Y  (BTR) flame Rob Blackin Graywolf Un-Censored

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