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Maya Lyubenova    Contributor -- Bulgaria

Maya Lyubenova was born in Plovdiv, where she graduated from the English Language Schhol, later she studied English Philology in Veliko Tarnova University. She is a teacher in Philip Kutev National School of Folk Arts – Kotel. Maya writes poetry in English and Bulgarian, her free verse poetry, visual poems and haiku have been published in many English magazines and online ezines like Frogpond, The World Haiku Review, Shamrock Haiku Journal, Moonset, Haigaonline, Sketchbook- a Journal for Eastern and Western Short Forms, 3Lights Gallery, Gean Tree Press, etc. In the April issue 2009 of the World Haiga Contest, the Jury named Maya Lyubenova  WHA Master Haiga Artist, and in May 2009 her haiku won the first prize in the Second National Haiku Contest in Bulgaria . Flecks of Blue - her bilingual  haiku book is going to be published by the end of March.

A 300,000-year-old cave. Its total length is 1km, and the length of the improved route is 350m. In this cave you can find the biggest cascade of waterfalls on the Balkan peninsula, with a total height of 60m. According to the legend this is the place where Orpheus went down into the kingdom of the specters, in search of his beloved Euridica.

The Devil's Throat cave

The Devil's Throat cave is situated in the heart of the Rodopi Mountains in the south of Bulgaria and is one of the one hundred Bulgarian national tourist places of interest (the letter A on the map: HERE

This cave is named The Devil's Throat (Dyavolsko garlo) because of a legend. The Trigradska River flows into the cave and, as it seemed, nothing thrown into the river ever appeared  again  so the native people called it The Devil's Throat. The cave is being related with another legend as well - it is believed that Orpheus went down to the Kingdom of Hades exactly through here.

You can enter the cave a 150 m long artificial tunnel. The first hall is impressive in size, so everyone is impressed and feels small. From this point a winding and steep concrete path leads up to the natural entrance of the cave. This cave contains numerous underground waterfalls, among them the second highest underground waterfall in any tourist cave of the world, which is 42 m high.

The Devil's Throat is also famous for its animal species. A bat colony, which spends the winter in this cave, is the biggest colony of long-winged bats not only n Bulgaria but in this part of the Balkan Peninsula.

Not only this cave, but the whole area with its gorges and natural bridges is recognized as national landmark and is under special protection. Visitors can find excellent accommodation conditions in the nearby town of Devin or if one prefers a more relaxing atmosphere the picturesque village of they can stay in one of the many guest houses in Trigrad-a nearby village.

all copyrights belong to Maya Lyubenova
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