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Madeleine ├ůstrand    Contributor -- Sweden

Madeleine Åstrand


Born 1982, Stockholm





2003-2006                                                     Bachelor in Economics.               Södertörns Högskola

Economics, Techninque and Design         


2006-2007                   Basic artistic education                       Nyckelviksskolan


2007-2009                   Basic artistic education                       Pernby school of Painting


2009-2012                   Bachelor in Fine Arts              Malmö Art Academy




2009                Student Group Exhibition                 Gallery KHM

2010                Annual Exhibition                  Malmö Art Academy




2009                Gustav and Ida Unmans foundation


I reject. I collect. I accept. A pattern of repeated histories.




Underneath/Looking for signs


For me it’s a series of photos of finding a way back to yourself through memories and through the physical experience of nature. The work is based on a text I wrote years ago:


Underneath it all lies whole my past. The wonderland, where layers on layers of happenings had been compactified. Histories which have repeated itself in an interweaved pattern. It’s a pattern of gradually changes.


I collect, I refuse and I accept a pattern of repeated histories.

Like the memory of the world were stocked in my soul and just waiting for the right combination of “coincidences” to get opened. It’s about this uncertain but clear remembrance of almost remember everything inside, outside and in between.  


It’s like a hard, but simple equation.



Looking for Signs


Buy me- you need me, digital photo


Buy me, you need me


The idea was that the image should look like a cover of a magazine for women but the message would be headed to a man. I did the work during a period of my life when I felt surrounded by falseness and that everything, even friendship was for sale. I felt lost in world where whole my life felt like an marketing add and everything I did had to have a purpose. I felt I had to be someone that can fulfill others need, if I didn’t want to be seen as completely useless. It’s a pretty dark point of view, but for me it lies a truth behind it.



Marionettdockorna (puppets on a string)


The two almost identical girls playing with copies of themselves in form of puppets on a string. For me the work is about ones self-control and consciousness. Sometimes it feels like we are not aware of the consequences of our thoughts and actions even though we are the creators ourselves.




Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. About the impossibility to define the future location and speed of a particle.


                  -Are you afraid?

                  -It's nothing to think about. If you do, it will claim your attention and grow stronger.


Heisenberg's uncertainity principle


I started the work with the intention to express how ones fear can accumulate and become tangible. How just a small black spot in one's system can grow itself larger and stronger just because you noticed it and kept it in your mind. It’s a way of putting energy in certain things which shouldn’t have been there if you didn’t notice it at the first place.


I was also thinking about the definition, the defined and the definer, which together unifies something which I find applicative to Heisenberg’s theory; the more you trying to define a particle the more uncertain gets it's future position and speed (because you expose the particle for light). It's like when you are trying to observe an animal or any human being with a camera or just by your eye. When it feels that it's observed it will change it's pattern of natural behaviour. I think a lot about photography. The subjective, you behind the lens with an idea about definition, the object, the animal in which gets observed in front of the camera and the result, the definition process between you the observer and the observed.


Also the work is about something which is so small and uncertain that it could be defined as nothing, becomes a reality, a physical and uncontrolled phenomenon. 


Luciole Press: Please tell Luciole readers how you envision the coming year. What are your hopes and goals for 2011?


Madeleine Åstrand: There is so many things and so many works that yet are not seen and yet not made. For me 2011 will be a blank page, where I can start all over again. I aim to see the new year as a “nothing” in which something eventually will grow out of it. This “nothing” is though its emptiness filled with possibilities I couldn’t even imagine a year ago.


I had a very tough 2010 both on personal level and with my artistic work. I leave the year with two broken relationships, two month at the hospital behind but with a clear mind. The process took me a lot of energy but in the same time it gave me something, a nothingness, which is a powerful thing. It have made me stronger and more focused


I will continue my work with painting, photography and video, but I have also an aim to enlarge the width of my works and also show more of installations, sound and performance, which I have been working with during 2010. I will also put more energy to my writings which always have been an important foundation for much of my artistic work. I guess you will see more at that on my webpage in the beginning of 2011.


I hope that 2011 will give me the chance to exhibit my works in new places. I’m very grateful to participate in Luciole Press and I look forward to the summer edition, where I hope that you can read more about my works.


I wish you all readers a happy new year filled with joy and peace in your hearts.











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all copyrights belong to Madeleine Åstrand
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