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Karen Bowles   Publisher -- Editor -- Creator of Luciole Press



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Karen Bowles is the creator, editor and publisher of Luciole Press. She works seven days a week on all things related to LP's main site here, the blog, and now several LP-related internet pages (like facebook, twitter... they keep multiplying). Cats know her home as a refuge to eat, sleep, be superior, and occasionally have a mass rumble of claws and fur. She lived in many places growing up, graduated from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Literature, and loves photography, reading, writing, theatre, painting, and mediating cat fights (the furry kind). Ok, she doesn't like that part, but the cats apparently think she doesn't mind one bit. When her friend S.A. Griffin took a trip to the South, where she used to live for years, she reminded him many times to look for the fireflies. He wrote her a lovely note about fireflies, then nicknamed her firefly. Luciole is "firefly" in French. She invites everyone to tell her how to say firefly in as many languages as they know.





Winter Night






Winter Crisp


Winter’s sunset, flecks of gold / have barely faded from the hills

Rich, crisp, vivid, cold / the light is clinging still

The creek is singing a varied tune / as bare trees hang overhead

Snow is piled like sand dunes / in a landscape far from dead

A quiet yearning stirs the breast / of those along the valley floor

Night is harsh, often tough / its beauty with an edge

Brilliant stars hang high aloft / a vision strong and bold

The fading gold has loosed its grip / and silver claims the throne


Screened Sunset


let's keep each other warm
the temperature
      has dropped
night has deepened
 into ice
the house is like us
shifting and settling
 in the cold
         our breath
not sorry to
 escape our bodies
will mingle in a
         rising cloud
dispersing in
 one last visible
gasp of mist
 keep thinking
warm thoughts
          we will not
be disappointed 

Dish of rain


It rained so hard



It rained so hard

I was carrying around

word droplets in my shoes,

shaking them from my hair

and jacket,

watching them

gather in

shallow pools

of speech

all around my feet.

I can dip my toe

and come back

with a sentence

sliding down my


with moisturizing


If I open my mouth

to the sky

and stretch my wings,

hands upraised,

I will gather the

letters into a

little pile

and knit them into

a distinctive hat

you can wear

in the falling


to remind you

I am a sound upon
your lips
and a full-length novel
in your heart


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