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Jane Chakravarthy   Contributor -- Massachusetts

Jane Chakravarthy
Visual artist, Contemporary poet.

Jane's work is an exploration of her inner consciousness; creating her work is spiritual / emotional catharsis for her.  She likes music, reading and vegan carrot cake.

Jane's poetry has or will appear in the Divine Revolution, The Luciole Press, The Wilderness House Literary Review,  and Zygote in my Coffee

She is the author of Love, its Wrath and Others, a collection of poetry and artwork.



Lead and veins

Dark mornings, heavy limbs,

hair cascading,

clothes to the floor


moving slowly,

a monotone of life,

grey arrangement,

the colour of life?

I will open the


My skin

hurts, veins I can

see, blue through the

skin that is transparent

I became too


feet on

the floor, tiles cold ,

shivers up my spine

up to my brain,

and I wake


shower too

cold, forgot the heater

again, need to move

quickly, need to get

out, my haunted


you haunt

me everywhere, from my

bedroom to the stairs,

to my shower, the

table there, and

now, you are


you will

have your revenge, because

you know, I didn't

want to see your

hands in mine, even

though, you put me

to sleep, and my

heart you wanted

to keep






      Was nothing sacred to you?

to smell the sweetness of lilacs

brushing  your tender cheek


Now I know you the were not the only one

And the garden is rich with vibrant and vivid colours

but why choose to cut the flowers

don't you know they will die?


As they wither and limpen

the petals will fall

and no one will mourn their beauty

yet they glowed their light

it was their right

Why did you cut them?


It must  be a wonderful feeling

not to have the feeling

of destruction

yet you undertake it very well


Was it something learned

or an innate quality

I don't miss with its absence


And you sit there

quietly, I wonder

Do you have any idea

do you have any idea at all?


all copyrights belong to Jane Chakravarthy

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