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Hadaa Sendoo   Contributor -- Mongolia



Hadaa Sendoo was born in 1961, and is an internationally renowned poet. Since1991, he has lived in Ulaanbaatar. His poems have been translated in more than 30 languages and has been widely published in UK, USA, New Zealand, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, China, Taiwan.Greece, Poland, Italy, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Chile, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, Georgia, Serbia and other countries. He has won the Mongolian Writers Union Prize. He founded World Poetry Almanac, and received the Chinggis Khaan Medal in Mongolia and the World Poetry Ambassador Medal in Canada in 2009.

As a poet, Hadaa Sendoo has already received a number of important Poetry Festival invitation, such as the
VI Granada International Poetry Festival in Nicaragua in 2009, XX Medellin International Poetry Festival in Colombia in 2010, and 15th  Havana International Poetry Festival in Cuba in 2010.



This moment

Everyone will return his house

To light the oil lamps

In front of the statue of Buddha


This moment

We drink mare’s milk

Saying good-bye to the last day of the year

And greeting Tsagaan Sar *


This moment, I wonder

If times can flow backwards

If love will die

If the tramps feel sad


This moment, in the night of the New Year’s Eve

Lamps and candles of myriad households

Hardly any pedestrians can be seen

In the streets of Ulaanbaatar



* Tsagaan Sar(Mongolian): the traditional Spring Festival in Mongolia, on which people pay a New Year call, present hadag as gifts each other. Milk products, kumiss and mutton are the main food for the family dinner. Mongols worship white and regard white as the symbol of pureness and peacefulness, so the Spring Festival is also called White Month in Mongolia.


In the fall, a yeanling
On the hill slope

Those good people
Yesterday brought yield

Yellow plum

Yellow plum as egg yolk
Holding in my hands

A young chicken

You once holding my hand

Through zebra crossing

One day you like red the sun

Falls in the air
My blood dropped to zero

Warm-hearted nursemaid, I call to you: mother

What I know that life is a big dream
When I wake up
You have disappeared…


all copyrights belong to Hadaa Sendoo
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