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Ellyn Maybe   Contributor -- California




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Sometimes I wonder if there are one million people
           listening at the same time  
to the same Leonard Cohen song.
the one that keeps people from killing themselves.
It’s a long playing record
It’s a long song  

Where do people play each other the songs that will keep them standing
when one foot in front of the other is more myth than practice?

I once tried to play Beware of Darkness by George Harrison for a friend,
cause its beauty and pain were singular at that moment and
I wanted to share
I wanted us to hear as close as we could the same thing and
make of it what we would 

He said he heard that song when it first came out and ran out 
to smoke a cigarette
We lost something in that moment 

I listen to music alone, but I imagine there are sharp notes bending the
            backs of the universe into more flexibility, more love,
more tenderness, more a capella chiropractors 

Somebody is strumming 3 basic chords and 
somebody will live through the night.




Rodeo for the Sheepish (CD/Mp3)

Rodeo for the Sheepish- Ellyn Maybe is an irresistible force. To read or listen to her poetry is to be gently and completely crushed while simultaneously inspired and charmed. The honesty with which she so exquisitely reveals her vulnerabilities, desires and pain is beautiful and has so many great moments. The first time I listened to it, I was reminded of when I first met her many years ago and how much I liked her and her poetry. One of the stand out tracks on the album, There Were Two Girls Who Looked A Lot The Same, is a perfect example of why one becomes a fan of Ellyn’s immediately. I can’t understand how anyone could not find an aspect of themselves in that piece. This is what Ellyn does so well and so often in her work and on this album.

Reading Ellyn’s poems from the page is one thing but hearing her read them just the way she meant them to be heard is something else altogether. Ellyn has a great sense of humor and reads wonderfully. The musical accompaniment on the album is not mere background filler but a true collaborative effort between Ellyn and the musicians that really works.

Ellyn is a very gifted writer and a true gem. - Henry Rollins

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The CD is $15.
Please send to P.O. Box 10363
Marina del Rey,CA

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