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Dena's new book

Previous publishers of some of these poems, in whole or in part, or under other titles, include Ink Node (USA); Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (Hong Kong); Unshod Quills (USA); Gertrude (USA); HALiterature (People’s Republic of China and USA); Fried Chicken and Coffee (USA); Hobo Camp Review (USA); Thrush Poetry Journal (USA); The Santa Fe Literary Review (USA); Far Enough East (People’s Republic of China); Shanghai 24/7 (People’s Republic of China); You’ve Been Eaten By A Hamburger Zine (USA); Smalldoggies Magazine (USA); Luciole Press (USA);The Las Vegas Poets Society (USA); and Fork Burke (Switzerland.)

Congratulations to longtime Luciole contributor and friend Dena Rash Guzman!

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