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Candi V. Auchterlonie   Contributor -- New Zealand (now lives in Canada)

C. V. Auchterlonie is a contemporary poet from the beautiful Westshore of Vancouver Island, where she lives with her son and husband. She is originally from Takapuna, New Zealand. She has spent two-thirds of her life devoted to poetry, both reading and creating; her first debut collection of poems was released with Erbacce-Press in November of 2009, entitled Eternal Autumn Within, and her second full-length book, entitled Creation Sandbox, is due in 2011.
She has appeared with the small press, calliope nerve media, 10K poets, she's been interviewed by MuseHick, and posts her work on various blogs online. She also is a part of the spoken word scene, locally in Victoria BC Canada, with the group, Tongues on Fire. 


What it is


The self is a circle
with no beginning
or end.

The ones who are in love
know that the distance one must endeavor between two hearts and two souls-
is eternal,

the journey of life and death-
are both the same

we are stripped down to essence,
to pure love, and primal fear.

The spectrum comes later-
after we are conditioned into our lives;

the questions we ponder, the memories we store, the senses felt-
lead to the same truth's that overlay the others'

to be;
is subjective

we are no more real,
than we are-

What if everything we supposedly knew
were stripped down naked to expose it's rings
year after year, until it rose so high that blue sky kissed it's forehead-

became ice halos,

and evaporated,
just precipitated-
to feed,

the seed-
the tree;

they start and end the same
with the unknown hope, and universal promise.



There are moments
gifted time,

that are too precious, too fragile, and too sweet-

to be captured,
in the trying plight of poetic words.

These are the times,

when I am reassured-

that the poem truly lives out there-

not in the hands or minds,

of a poet,

or in the shedding
of their ink-
To be captured,

In the trying plight of poetic words.


These are the times,


When I am reassured-


That the poem truly lives out there-


Not in the hands or minds.


Of a poet,


Or in the shedding

Of their ink-

all copyrights belong to Candi V. Auchterlonie
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