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Ami Kaye   Contributor -- Illinois


Ami publishes "Pirene's Fountain," a poetry journal. Her poems have appeared in various journals and she is working on her third novel. She holds a master's degree and has studied Counseling and English literature. She enjoys a diversity of genres in reading and writing, reflected by her eclectic style. Ami is of Indian heritage, born in Paris, France. She has been married for 30 years and has two grown sons.

Of Gardens and Painted Things



A quality of peace
each syllable
painted carefully
like garden gates,
redolent with lime
and oleander.
Don't bother
trying to figure out
how long it's going to last
or which way the breeze
is headed.
Depends on where
the leaves settle.



From a smoky mirror
echoes bounce like fire-flies,
burning the air,
catching awareness with
a little sizzle and moan.
Secrets of the tongue
seduced, pried loose from
imprisoned ghosts of past,
and settle like white blossoms
on the grass.



With a shovel
bury them under
the moist loam
before they grow larger
than the universe, uncontained.
They writhe and fight,
the painted white lies.
There, in private invasion,
a rare, green rose thrusts its shoots
with a spume of fire.



July, 2008

Crimson Rose


heavy in the air
    is the smell
        of wet peonies
            flaming flowers


    vermillion tongues
         crimson ire
               hot to the eyes
                     rapid fire


color of blood
        in death
            and hunger.


    smeared wide
         lust red
              of passion


               flagrant ache
               scarlet burn


untamed hue
            in the heat


    glowing embers
             a crimson rose



June, 2008

Light in a Tear-drop


Copper tinted blood
the tang of salt
on bitten lips


Clear saline beads
elixir birthed of pain
from heart to eye


Ruptured farewells
flow like streams
of captured light



April, 2008

all copyrights belong to Ami Kaye

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